Graduate Thesis

Soğancılar, Nusret (2017). An institutional analysis of corporate social responsibility in the Turkish banking sector. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler-Gökşen.

Bulut, Semih (2017). A sustainability analysis of Turkish banks using the analytic hierarchy process. Thesis advisor Gözde Erhan Ünal.

Avşar, Deniz (2016). The determinants of high-technology export performance: An empirical investigation in BRICT.  Thesis advisor Mehtap Işık.


Bashirov, Gulmammad (2016). Renewable energy consumption, carbon emissions and oil prices: a panel data analysis for G7 and BRICT countries. Thesis advisor Mehtap Işık.


Divarcı, Tülay (2016). An efficiency analysis of international airline alliances: an empirical study using data envelopment analysis. Thesis advisor Arzu Tektaş.


Altıok, Enis (2016). The relationship between customer participation in the service innovation process and customer satisfaction. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler Gökşen.


Parlakgül, Murat (2016). Antecedents of export performance: the case of the Turkish textile and apparel industry. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler-Gökşen.


Hlekava, Tatsiana (2016). Criteria for and determinants of transportation selection decisions in exports: a case study of five industries in Turkey. Thesis advisor Ülfer Zeynep Ata.

Bayram, Burak Can (2015). Challenges of the EU emission trading scheme: the carbon fat cats case and prospects for Turkey. Thesis advisor Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu.


Tabakan, Anıl (2015). Effects of information and communication technologies on international trade: a panel data analysis. Thesis advisor Mehtap Işık.


Tan, Ömer Faruk (2015). A comparative study on mutual fund performances of emerging markets in the era of quantitative easing. Thesis advisor Gözde Erhan Ünal.


Yıldız, Ahmet Onur (2015). International competitiveness of the Turkish film industry. Thesis advisor Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu.

Kazazoğlu, Gözde Nur (2014). Perfonnance of national innovation systems during the global crisis: a cross-country analysis. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Yılmaz, Erdem Doğukan (2014). Sovereign credit default swap market response to credit rating announcements: an event study on emerging markets. Thesis advisor Sema Sakarya, Gözde Erhan Ünal.

Andreev, Atanas (2013). Individual economic security, national security, and the mediating role of trust in government: a survey among the young Bulgarian generations’ attitudes. Thesis advisor Aslı Deniz Helvacıoğlu.


Erkman, Merve (2013).External environment effects on product innovation performance: the food and beverage industry in Istanbul. Thesis advisor Arzu Tektaş.


Karakaş, Şebnem (2013). Psychic distance and the internationalization process of large Turkish corporations. Thesis advisor Sema Sakarya.


Korman, Derya (2013). Analysis of extreme dependence between Istanbul Stock Exchange and Brent Oil Returns using bivariate extreme value theory. Thesis advisor Gözde Erhan Ünal.

Bilgehan, Meltem (2012). A comparative analysis of corporate social responsibility practices of Turkish companies and companies with foreign ownership. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler Gökşen, Özlem Yıldırım Ökten.


Durmuşalioğlu, Sinan (2012). Sovereign debt distress in the developed and emerging countries. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Memişoğlu, Özge (2012). Knowledge-based economy and economic growth: empirical analysis of BRICST countries. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.

Şen, Duygu (2011). An empirical investigation of global brand personality in variance: a comparison of Turkey and India. Thesis advisor Sema Sakarya.


Sivrikaya, Mehmet Gökhan (2011).  Strategic planning, scenario development and organizational performance during economic crises. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay, Ayla Altınkurt Esen.


Sümer, Gökmen (2011). Determinants of renewable energy supply in Europe: a potential solution for Turkey’s energy dependency. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Zora, Selen (2011). Customer evaluation of the corporate social responsibility practices: study on the Turkish banking industry. Thesis advisor Ayfer Hortaçsu, Elif Deniz Alakavuk.


Asfuroğlu, Buğra İsmail (2011). Valuation of small and medium sized manufacturing companies in Turkey: effect of internationalization, earnings, cash flows, dividends, book value and leverage. Thesis advisor Abdülmecit Karataş.


Avcı, Süreyya Burcu (2011). International banking system distress: a macro approach for the global crisis of 2008. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Büyükarslan, Didem (2011). International trade of Turkish contemporary artworks: an empirical study on the role of artist histoy, institutions and economic and socio-cultural factors in demand. Thesis advisor Sema Sakarya.


Can, Barış (2011). The Altai union: a potential customs union between Turkey, Central Asia and South Korea. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Erkan, Özge (2011). The effects of board member characteristics on internationalization performance: analysis of the Turkish case. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler Gökşen.


Irak, Ayçin (2011). Determinants and distribution of power in buyer-seller relationships in business-to-business markets. Thesis advisor Ülfet Zeynep Ata.


Özmen, Hasan (2011). Market orientation and marketing strategy creativity: assessment of their antecedents. Thesis advisor Elif Deniz Alakavuk.

Aytekin, Aycan (2010). International supplier selection and order allocation decision: a comparison of a Turkish and an Australian company. Thesis advisor Arzu Tektaş.


Ceylan, Duygu (2010). Economy-wide energy efficiency assesment: a cross-Country Comparison Study in Europe. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Fedai, Halit(2010). The Effects of climate change on agricultural trade capability of Turkey and her major rivals in european food market. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.


Levent, Doğan (2010). The competitive identity of Istanbul: a city brand management model. Thesis advisor Elif Alakavuk.


Öz, Özge (2010). Impact of general manager characteristics on the export performance of manufacturing companies in Turkey. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler Gökşen.


Yıldırım, İsmail (2010). The impacts of R&D expenditures on the manufacturing sectors export performance in Turkey and comparative emering markets. Thesis advisor Gözde Erhan Ünal.

Maltepe, Hakan Mehmet (2009). Factors affecting mobile phone repurchase behavior of American and Turkish university students. Thesis advisor Elif Alakavuk, Ayfer Hortaçsu.


Nenem, Mehmet Şükrü (2009). Energy vulnerability and international trade assessing Turkey’s energy vulnerability with a comparative outlook of the EU. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Özkan Günay.


Özdemir, Esin (2009). Benchmarking the supply chain performance: the food and beverage industry. Thesis advisor Arzu Tektaş.


Sungur, Ahmet Seren (2009). The role of intermodal transportation and logistics distribution centers in international trade: the case of Turkish SMEs. Thesis advisor Elif Alakavuk.


Ziyaoğlu, İdil (2009). Board composition in the affiliates of family business groups in Turkey: a longitudinal analysis. Thesis advisor Nisan Selekler Gökşen.

Çukurçayır, Yusuf (2008). The impact of foreign direct investment spillovers and international trade on innovation capability in Turkey and comparative emerging markets. Thesis advisor Emine Nur Günay.