Prof. Dr. Özlem Yıldırım Öktem


2001–2005: Ph.D. in Business Administration Bocconi UniversityMilanItaly                                                                                      

2000-2001: Master in International Economics and Management Bocconi Business SchoolMilanItaly                                      

1996-2000: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Koc University, Istanbul


2018- ...                Professor

                                Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2012-2018 Associate Professor

                Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2009-2012        Assistant Professor

               Bogazici University, Department of International Trade 


2007-2009         Full-time faculty member

                        Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2004-2006           Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Organization Studies

                        Sabanci University, Faculty of Management, Istanbul



Corporate Governance, Family Businesses, Business Groups, Internationalization Strategy



Management and Organizations, Business Strategy, Research Methods

SPRING 2017-18

INTT 132 Management and Organizations

INTT 323 Research Methods for Business

INCT 536 Competition and Strategy


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