Prof. Dr. Özlem Yıldırım Öktem


2001-2005: Ph.D. in Business Administration Bocconi University, Milan, Italy                                                                                      

2000-2001: Master in International Economics and Management Bocconi Business School, Milan, Italy                                      

1996-2000: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Koç University, Istanbul


2018- ...        Professor

                                Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2012-2018    Associate Professor

                                Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2009-2012    Assistant Professor

                                Bogazici University, Department of International Trade 

2007-2009    Full-time faculty member

                        Bogazici University, Department of International Trade

2004-2006    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Organization Studies

                                Sabanci University, Faculty of Management, Istanbul


Corporate Governance, Family Businesses, Business Groups, Internationalization Strategy


Management and Organizations, Business Strategy, Research Methods

INTT 132 Management and Organizations

INTT 323 Research Methods for Business

INCT 536 Competition and Strategy


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