Asst. Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Aygören

Oguzhan Aygören is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Department of International Trade at Bogazici University. In addition, he is the director for the Entrepreneurship Center, a board member in the Innovation Center and a board member in Bogazici Universitesi Teknopark AS. He is also the coordinator of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program and International Competition and Trade Graduate Program. He is interested in topics such as value creation at startups, how corporations can become more innovative, digital marketing, consumer choice behavior and voting behavior.

His work appeared in journals such as International Journal of E-business Research and Harvard Business Review Turkey. He has presented his studies in international conferences such as ACR (Association of Consumer Research), AMA (American Marketing Association), AMS (Academy of Marketing Science), and APSA (American Political Science Association) in various countries and has been a reviewer for AMA Marketing Educators conference.

Prior to joining Bogazici, he was an Assistant Professor at Istanbul Technical University. Besides he was a visiting research scholar at UC Berkeley during fall 2014 and a visiting researcher at Stanford University during summer 2016 where he works on joint research projects. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University and an MBA degree from Koc University and London Business School. He has completed his PhD in Marketing at Bogazici University. Before academia, he worked at Procter & Gamble as the head of innovation followed by an entrepreneurship experience where he joined and cofounded three startups in the fields of e-commerce, mobile marketing and social networking.

He is currently active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a mentor, advisor and board member. He is an academic advisory board member of Endeavor Turkey and also gives consulting and training to companies at executive levels. At the same time, he is preparing and presenting a weekly TV show named "Entrepreneurship World" at BloombergHT.

Bogazici University, Istanbul 2007 - 2013 

Ph.D., Marketing

London Business School, United Kingdom 2003 - 2004 

MBA, International Exchange Program, Class Representative

Koc University, Istanbul 2002 - 2004 

MBA, Full-time Program with High Honors, Awarded with Full Scholarship

Middle East Technical University, Ankara 1998 - 2002 

B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Denizli Anatolian High School, Denizli 1991 - 1998 


Bogazici University, 2015-present

Assistant Professor, International Trade Department

Coordinator, International Competition & Trade Executive Degree Graduate Program

Courses: Marketing, International Marketing, Research Methods, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Stanford University, CA, 2016

Visiting Researcher, Center for Design Research

University of California at Berkeley, CA, 2014-2015

Visiting Research Scholar, Political Science Department and Haas Business School

Istanbul Technical University, 2013-2015

Assistant Professor, Management Engineering Department

Courses: Marketing Management, New Product Design and Innovation, E-Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Bilgi University, Istanbul 2015-present

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Marka Okulu

Courses: Strategic Thinking and Innovation


BloombergHT, 2017 – present

Producer and host for the program "Entrepreneurship World" a.k.a “Girişimcilik Dünyası”

Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Center, 2015 - present

Vice President

Bogazici University Innovation Center, 2015 - present

Program Coordinator, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Online Certificate Program

Program Coordinator, Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Development Online Certificate Program

Endeavor, 2015 - present

Academic Board Member

Startup Bootcamp at Starter’s Hub, 2015 - present


Bogazici University, Department of Management, 2010 - 2013

Teaching Assistant and Instructor in Marketing

Imovasyon Consulting, Bogazici University Kosgeb Technology Development Center, 2008 - 2010

Co-Founder and CEO

· Led pioneering activities for developing an innovative mobile application named by managing a team of five employees.

· Partnered with Microsoft Research in US and won the mobile tagging provider tender opened by Turkcell.

· Won incubation, R&D, angel network and marketing support from organizations such as Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Inovent, Etohum, METU, Bogazici University and Kosgeb.

· Developed the marketing plan by determining target clients, approaching them, analyzing their needs and developing products accordingly with the team.

Kindo / MyHeritage, London based start-up, 2007 - 2009

Country Manager Turkey

· Coordinated the marketing, PR and media relations by using the cost-effective channels and created online publicity by identifying segments and communicating with them.

· Advanced Turkish community to the top 5 countries among 17 countries represented in terms of members acquired and effectiveness of community activities; thereby significantly contributed to Kindo’s acquisition by MyHeritage

PROCTER & GAMBLE, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004 - 2007

Head of Innovation, Interdepartmental and Entrepreneurial Role 2006 - 2007

· Established a team of ten people, one from each department, with the aim of increasing innovation in cultural and business terms, defined role descriptions and set the vision. Led the team’s activities and created the concept of Free Thinkers for the team.

· Marketed the innovation concept to general manager and department heads (achieved one of the highest participation rates for an internal project.)

· Led the innovation projects of marketing and sales departments. Helped repositioning of a new to market low-tier diapers brand in marketing team and managed the project for decreasing high turnover rates in the in-store merchandising teams.

· Coordinated internal marketing communication activities for innovation projects

· Designed and implemented creativity trainings and GetBack30 productivity event which aimed to help employees save 30 minutes everyday through the use of some tips and tricks. Marketed these activities to employees by innovative methods leading continuous involvement.

Business Services Manager, Information and Decision Solutions Department, 2004 - 2007

· Led change management projects and created $5M worth of value through cost savings and productivity improvements. The main projects included P&G and Gillette integration work covering the logistics, purchasing and import/export businesses.

· Coordinated multi-functional teams in Poland, Russia, and Romania on business transformation projects. Analyzed and estimated value creation items for marketing projects to the organization; actualized beyond the expectation targets by performing additional value creation.

Consumer choice behavior

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Digital marketing and e-commerce

Political Marketing and voting behavior

Spring 2017

INTT 252 - Marketing

INTT 434 - Business Development & Entrepreneurship

INCT 534 - Entrepreneurship

INCT 550 - Competing in International Markets

ADEX 560 - Entrepreneurship

Fall 2016

INTT 465 - E-commerce

INTT 527 - Research Methods

INCT 523 - Competitive Intelligence

Journal Articles

1. (SSCI) Yılmaz, C., Aygoren, O., & Özdemir Ö. (2012) “Factors Driving the Political Polarization Process in Turkey: Relative Effects of a Number of Determinants Ranging From Economic Voting Behavior to Collective Trauma Effects,” İktisat İşletme Finans Dergisi, 27 (311), 09-39.

2. Aygoren, O. & Varnalı, K. (2011), “Value Based Analysis of Mobile Tagging,” International Journal of E-business Research, 7 (1), 93-104.


1. Aygoren, O. (2017) "Girişimcilik Neye Benzer?," Platin, Nisan, 101-102.

2. Akgiray, V. & Aygoren, O. (2016) “Girişimcilik ve Uzun Vadeli Akıl,” Harvard Business Review Türkiye, Haziran, 100-107.

International Conference Presentations 

1. “Community Engagement or Funding, Through Which Crowdfunding Contributes to the Market Success of Video Games?” World Open Innovation Conference, WOIC, Barcelona, Spain. 2016

2. “Case Methodology and Blended Learning Approach re Entrepreneurship Education” United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, USASBE, San Diego, CA. 2016

3. “How Voters Respond to Party Discipline in the United States and Turkey” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, APSA, September, San Francisco, CA. 2015

4. “An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Political Candidate Impression Management Strategies on Voting Intentions” International Political Marketing Conference, Stockholm, Sweden 2013

5. “Understanding Choice Behavior in Political Marketing Context: A Favorable Voter Response Model” Informs Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul, Türkiye 2013

6. “A Favorable Voter Responses Model” Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), Monterey View, US 2013

7. “An Integrative Model of Voting Choice Behavior” American Marketing Association (AMA) Winter Educator’s Conference, Las Vegas, US 2013

8. “Understanding and Modeling Voter Choice Behavior with Empirical Data” American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, US 2012

9. “Preference Construction and Consumer Knowledge: How Do Levels of Objective and Subjective Knowledge Affect Preference Consistency Across Differing Decision Tasks?,” Asia-Pacific Conference of Association for Consumer Research, Beijing, Renmin University of China 2011

10. “Consumer Research in Brand Management” BrandMarker Conference, Bogazici University, Turkey 2011

11. “Effects of Religion on Consumer Behavior: A Review and A Framework” International Conference on Islamic Marketing and Branding, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010

National Conference Presentations 

1. "A Conceptual Model on Early Internationalization Speed of New Ventures," National Marketing Congress, UPK, Trabzon, 2017

2. “Effect of Ownership, Size and Content in Online Brand Communities on Attitude and Participation Intention,” National Marketing Congress, UPK, Eskişehir 2015

Invited Talks 

1. "Connecting the Dots" Red Bull, Istanbul, 2017

2. "What is Entrepreneurship Like?" İş Bankası, Istanbul, 2017

3. “Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Pfizer Europe Business Leaders Meeting, Budapest, 2017

4. "Consumer’s Brand Adoption Journey” Endeavor Case Campus Seminar, İstanbul 2015, 2016

5. “Innovation in US and Turkey” Alarko Holding, İstanbul 2015

6. “Branding and Commercialization” Pamukkale University Marketing Seminar, Denizli 2014

Invited Trainings 

1. “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Turk Telekom, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Toyota, L’oreal, Anadolu Bank, Yeni Bir Lider, Argüden Academy 2016

Case Studies 

1. ScoreBeyond (draft)

2. Tiffany Rothe Workouts: Short, Fun and Effective (draft)

3. Unlu&Co: A Startup to Bank on (in review)

4. A Lean Mean Fashion Machine (in review)

Thesis Supervised

1. Arsen Cansın Kadakal, "A Comparison in Drivers of Internationalization Speed for High-tech and Low-tech Turkish International New Ventures", 2017 (in progress)